Loch Tech Inc


Discover the depths of innovation

Retirement plan administration technology is a fast-paced and dynamic field that requires constant innovation, creativity, and problem-solving. With over 30 years of experience in this industry, We have developed and delivered cutting-edge solutions that enhance the efficiency, usability, and profitability of retirement plan providers and advisors.

As the CEO of LTI, Thomas Loch has a passion for retirement plan technology stemming from his vision of transforming retirement for the benefit of participants by empowering the advisors and enterprises that serve them.

Our Expertise and Team

The bedrock of Loch Tech Inc’s success is our exceptional engineering team. Comprising seasoned senior engineers, our team possesses deep knowledge and experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and microservice database design. This formidable expertise enables us to develop modern technologies that not only enhance current processes but also multiply their efficiency exponentially. Our leadership in the field is defined by our continuous pursuit of excellence, where we strive to merge technical prowess with practical applications, creating solutions that redefine industry standards.

Harness the Power of the LTI Singlepoint Frameworks

At Loch Tech Inc. our innovative approach to retirement plan administration is deeply rooted in our proprietary LTI Singlepoint Frameworks. These frameworks are integral to all our projects, providing clients with a production-ready environment that is both robust and versatile. This environment is specifically designed to develop and refine use cases that target traditional 401k processes, particularly in managing exceptions.

The LTI Singlepoint Frameworks serve as a foundation for deploying advanced machine learning algorithms. These algorithms are not static; they evolve over time, learning from data to minimize errors and optimize performance. This dynamic adaptation is key to enhancing workflow efficiency and driving tangible results.

Our focus on continuous improvement through machine learning allows us to streamline 401k management processes, reducing manual interventions and error rates. As these algorithms learn and adapt, they contribute significantly to operational efficiency, ensuring that each step in the workflow is optimized for speed and accuracy.

The result of implementing our LTI Singlepoint Frameworks is a direct impact on the bottom line. Our clients witness a marked improvement in ROI, stemming from reduced operational costs and enhanced performance. By leveraging these frameworks, we not only simplify the complexities of 401k management but also set a new standard in the industry for efficiency and effectiveness. This approach positions Loch Tech Inc as a leader in transforming retirement plan administration through technological innovation and strategic foresight.